The hormonal stress response is mediated by a system known as the hypothalamic–pituitary–adrenocortical axis. Within this system, stress induces the release of the hormone corticotrophin-releasing factor from a brain area called the hypothalamus. CRF acts on the pituitary gland located directly below the hypothalamus, where it initiates the production of a molecule called proopiomelanocortin . This compound is processed further into smaller molecules, such as β-endorphin and adrenocorticotropic hormone . ACTH is carried via the blood stream to the adrenal glands , where it induces the release of stress hormones (i.e., glucocorticoids) that then act on target cells and tissues throughout the body . The main glucocorticoid in humans and other primates is cortisol; the main glucocorticoid in rodents is corticosterone.

  • Ending this part of the addiction is vital for continuing to tackle psychological dependence.
  • Repeated bouts of heavy drinking interspersed with attempts at abstinence (i.e., withdrawal) may result in sensitization of withdrawal symptoms, especially symptoms that contribute to a negative emotional state.
  • This pattern of behavior often leads people to do things they normally wouldn’t do.
  • While you know that it doesn’t, your body insists that it must have the substance to live.

For exampphysiological dependence on alcohol, someone who is psychologically dependent on drugs or alcohol might continue drinking even after multiple DUIs or legal consequences. Furthermore, people with psychological dependence will experience strong and recurring urges to use drugs, even when they want to stop. People with substance use disorders experience both physical and psychological dependencies. During physical dependence, your body becomes dependent on a substance to function. For instance, an opioid addiction may begin as a pursuit to get pleasurable feelings that come with the flood of dopamine initiated by the drug.

How does it compare to physical dependence?

Insomnia or lack of sleep is another physical addictive dependency attribute versus the psychological dependency attribute. Depression or a doubtful attitude can be problematic when trying to go to recovery to get help. This is a physical common addictive dependency versus a psychological dependency. Depending on the addiction, it was previously thought to be either one or the other. Here at Sana Lake Kansas City Rehab, we have a great detox program that will help you and your body recover physically and psychologically. Behavioral therapy is needed to address psychological dependence. In group therapy and individual therapy, you’ll learn how your thoughts and behaviors are linked.

However, what tends to happen is dependence and addiction can end up forming – which causes much bigger problems and stresses. This behavior is characterized as a psychological symptom of dependency. If a loved one is constantly turning towards drugs to deal with their stresses, it may be time to get help. Depression is a common withdrawal effect of dependence and drug addiction.

Drugs Associated with Physical and Psychological Dependence

Blunted cortisol response in abstinent alcoholic and polysubstance-abusing men. Characterization of a pentylenetetrazol-like interoceptive stimulus produced by ethanol withdrawal. Alcohol self-administration in two rat lines selectively bred for extremes in anxiety-related behavior. Neuroplasticity in brain reward circuitry following a history of ethanol dependence. Gauvin DV, Youngblood BD, Holloway FA. The discriminative stimulus properties of acute ethanol withdrawal in rats.

Talking to a professional or even a friend is another way to help combat withdrawals. Many substances, such as caffeine, nicotine, anti-depressants, can cause physical dependence. The condition is not, by any means, a result unique to illegal drugs. In fact, physical dependence can be a distraction from another problem—addiction. Physical dependence is sometimes simply called dependence, but this phrasing can cause confusion because addiction is sometimes referred to as dependence as well.